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Realise the full potential of your business with the right cloud solution

The cloud plays an important role in helping you to achieve the future business objectives for your organisation. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of cloud services designed to match your requirements. Our services are focused on business-strength responsiveness, service and availability that deliver tangible business outcome.


We understand that different organisations have different needs, especially when it comes to migrating to the cloud or optimising your cloud environments.

Our Cloud Storage provides customers with a range of integrated options based on performance, security and cost requirements. With data growing at such an uninhibited rate, having a reliable cloud storage solution in place is key for any business evaluating cloud services. This model also presents you with a simple and cost effective way to plan, control and optimise your storage utilisation. Combining a multitude of Backup solutions gives you the added benefit of protection and the ability to recover any data within required timeframes

Guided by these requirements, our experienced architects customise a cloud solution that helps you achieve your business goals — whether that is private cloud, public cloud or a deployment of hybrid services. The outcome is the ability for you to consume industry leading, accredited, scalable and flexible services that are supported 24/7/365.


The exponential growth of data and tightening of budgets has resulted in greater demand for businesses to do more with less, reducing costs and increasing growth simultaneously.

Regardless of the industry you operate in, we can deploy a solution that addresses the unique needs of your business, your goals and desired outcomes. If you are seeking to reduce costs, you can lower your IT investment by adopting an OPEX approach in turn minimising your CAPEX requirement. By achieving predictable costs and flexible pricing models you can optimise your IT budget.

You can drive growth via scalable, high performance cloud solutions that help you drive commercial success and future-proof your business against your competition. Improve risk management by leveraging business continuity, back up, real-time mirroring and firewalling solutions, combined with ISO27001 processes and enterprise-class facilities to keep your data safe at all times.

Maximise the productivity and efficiency of your environment by moving to optimised data environments and high performance servers that ensure a consistent experience with 24/7/365 availability. Whatever the outcomes, we are here to help you understand the best approach, solution and services for your organisation.


Storage as Service

In today’s business landscape where budget, increasing data usage and security play critical roles in shaping the technology we use, efficient and reliable storage is playing a greater role. We offer tiered Storage solutions, delivered to you via our secure cloud infrastructure.

We understand your business has unique requirements for data storage depending on the data type, processing, security, retention, resilience, usage, budget and performance desired. We classify our storage outcomes based on performance and unit costs aligned to usage, security and retention.

Core Service Elements:
Scalability — your requirements will change over time, which is why having the ability to grow your cloud storage footprint is important. Our solutions ensure that you can scale your systems up (or down) easily and effectively as your data needs evolve. This means having the capacity on demand, and having access to unlimited growth opportunities.

Flexibility — with flexible contracts and scaling options you can be assured that your organisation will have the flexibility and agility to adapt to changing market conditions without worrying about storage. We work with you to evolve your storage solutions as your requirements change and your business grows, making sure you have the right storage services to deliver the benefits you need.

Hybrid services — today’s changing landscape has highlighted the need for a bespoke IT environment that encapsulates all types of services. Our range of solutions can help you deliver the most effective and efficient IT environment, whether that is colocation or managed hosting, or backup in the cloud, we can support you.

Support — with 24/7/365 enterprise level support you can be confident that your data is in safe hands. With our network of ISO 27001 accredited datacentres and experienced technical staff, we can both manage and maintain your environment on your behalf.

Data resilience — knowing where your data is located is a key concern for you, which is why it will only ever be stored at one of our owned and operated UK-based datacentres. We also offer global storage solutions with cloud storage capabilities in the US, rest of Europe and Asia."

Backup as a Service

We deliver backup technology that supports your business and ensures your data is safe, secure and recoverable. Your data is critical to your business, which is why our cloud backup solutions. Backup as a Service is designed to meet your exact requirements, on your own infrastructure or within one of our many owned and operated UK datacentres.

Core Service Elements: Cloud Backup — This enterprise-class online protection system is quick to deploy and easy to manage. Data is fully encrypted at source, before being transmitted for secure storage at one of our highly resilient UK-based datacentres.

Cloud Backup (Replicated Copy) — We can easily replicate backup data across our inter-connected data centres if you require further reassurance to meet security and compliance demands. This guarantees that your data will be quickly restored in the unlikely event of a failure of the backup system or total facility loss.

Cloud Backup (Appliances) — Dedicated local or virtual appliances are recommended for protecting a larger IT estate. These vary in storage size and data processing performance, as well as in bespoke configurations.

Managed Backup — For customers the UK Managed Storage & Backup service those servers can be backed up using Cloud Backup on a fully managed basis whereby UK Managed configure the sets and schedules and provide data restores on request.

Advanced Backup Management — For more bespoke protection configurations, an extension service is available where Managed Server customers can request fully managed, advanced configuration of the associated servers, e.g. continuous backup or complex scheduling.


Private Cloud enables you to keep your environment separate while fully realising the benefits of flexibility and speed of the cloud. Designed to meet industry-specific requirements around security, compliance, regulation and performance, our private cloud is delivered in a bespoke environment with your own dedicated resources, applying the control, capacity, agility and capability needed to meet the needs of your business. Our private cloud answers your business IT needs, when security and sensitivity are paramount. Coupled with load balancing and robust firewalling this service delivers complete service flexibility, enterprise strength private cloud delivered from our network of owned and operated UK based datacentres.


Hosted on a robust, enterprise-grade platform, this cloud model delivers high performance and guaranteed service levels, alongside flexibility and complete availability. Bridging the gap between standard cloud services and your in-house datacentres, our public cloud offering is built on enterprise-class hardware and combined with robust cloud delivery and management software. As a result, it delivers the same experience as a dedicated hosting platform but with the benefits of cloud scalability and flexibility.


Our hybrid services bring together all elements of your in-house and outsourced cloud infrastructure, in a simplified and integrated way allowing you to optimise your IT estate and get the most from the services you have. Combining cloud, managed hosting, colocation and managed networks creates a hybrid solution tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. Our hybrid solutions align and optimise these sourcing routes to your requirements, maximising the benefits while addressing the constraints.